America’s Organizing Principles

One might suggest organizing principles for social structures center on individual desires to be a part of a larger entity. And when convinced the organizing principle reflects the way an individual feels, that person is then willing to launch head first into that vision. Whether the organizing principle is religion, economics or family; understanding the dynamics for cohesion of a society is an underlying principle so important to survival of values, morals and faith of a nation.

America is great because of its beliefs not as a result of its accomplishments. While the accomplishments are substantial and are a record of its vision, America’s vision and ideas are the framework that lights the path to the pursuit of happiness. The common vision of the citizens of this country is central to success.

Organized in very thoughtful documents, America’s forefathers enabled a successful vision; one of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While there were no guarantees, immigrants poured through the gateways into this nation. They ran toward their dreams of opportunity. Not with a mind to return to their homeland but with a vision to make a new life in a land of opportunity where success was a function of individual toils and reward based upon their hard work and willingness to be a part of this new society.

Individual efforts were central to the development of this nation. With the desire to work hard, the understanding that common defense made sense and with the fundamental understanding of its place within the international community, Americans embraced the concept of free markets, low taxes, free trade and hope in the future. Fundamental ethics and values were reflected in beliefs gained from a value system that embraced faith.

Those concepts remain at the heart of this nation today. Tolerance, individual rights and respect are a part of each citizen. America is a nation that remains committed to its fundamental organizing principles and to the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America’s best days are yet to be seen. Let’s be a part of that dream.

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2 Comments on “America’s Organizing Principles”

  1. real Says:

    here is an objective view on America from different perspectives.

  2. E.L. Beck Says:

    A major part of this paper, Does Government Work? speaks to a need for civic engagement and community involvement:

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