Expeditionary Mobility Task Force

Overcoming the dual challenge of time and distance to project and sustain combat power requires a “national military capability that is comprehensive in character, global in reach, swift in response, and highly effective in its actions.” Air Mobility Command (AMC) provides a critical component of that capability in the form of the Expeditionary Mobility Task Force (EMTF), which enhances the inherent expeditionary nature of air and space forces by focusing mobility capabilities in order to accelerate battle rhythm, maintain initiative, and increase the value of air and space to joint forces. These forces draw upon the -ability of air and space assets to spearhead the US response and shape the battlespace. force presentation, capabilities, and effects.The character of the EMTF resides in AMC’s commitment to enrich its expeditionary culture and war-fighting focus. In October 2003, the command stood down its two numbered air forces and transferred non-war-fighting functions (organizing, training, and equipping) to the headquarters staff. In like manner, former war-fighting operations of the numbered air forces passed to the newly reactivated Eighteenth Air Force. The organizational change within AMC yields two distinct advantages to the regional combatant commands. First, AMC presents a streamlined fighting force under a single numbered-air-force commander who is free from the concerns of Title 10 issues. Second, AMC strengthened air-mobility support by creating two light, lean, and agile response forces (the EMTFs) from the remnants of the legacy numbered air forces. Upon creation of the EMTFs, AMC altered the presentation of forces from global hemispheres to the combatant commands. The 15th EMTF, headquartered at Travis AFB, California, provides air-mobility support for Northern Command, Southern Command, and Pacific Command. Similarly, the 21st EMTF, headquartered at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, concentrates on Joint Forces Command, European Command, and Central Command. Meeting the air-mobility-support needs of the combatant commands hinges upon the central figure of the EMTF commander and manipulation of the Air Mobility Operations Group (AMOG) and the Contingency Response Wing (CRW)

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