Inspired Leadership

The Habit of Lifelong Learning
Lifelong learners develop good leadership qualities that include humility, openness, willingness to take risks, and the capacity to listen. They have high standards, ambitious goals, and a real sense of mission in their lives. The learning habit will enable these leaders to stay abreast of the latest techniques and processes to make business grow.
Achieving the Next Level
The rate of change in the business world is not going to slow down anytime soon. A “do it now” approach is essential for keeping up with change and will build a high sense of urgency to tackle both problems and opportunities. In a fast-moving world, teamwork at the top is essential to enable an effective response. Leaders provide the vision, communication, and empowerment that are at the heart of transformation and, without them, change will simply not happen well enough or fast enough to satisfy needs and expectations.
Passion and Enthusiasm
Being passionate about the work to be done brings about a level of enthusiasm that can produce win-wins all around. High energy levels motivate others to perform. Energy is contagious—a genuine sense of enthusiasm for what you are doing builds a desire to succeed in others; The effort put forth will bring success quickly. Feeling like you are winning generates the willingness to win.
Inspiring Respect
Compassion, care, concern, understanding, wisdom, and confidence are traits that inspire. Respect is not automatic . . . it must be earned over time. Setting high expectations and achieving goals goes a long way to earning respect. Leading by example coupled with respecting individuals and taking care of others will return tenfold.
Let Personality Ring
Be yourself . . . each person brings a unique quality to the mix. Manifesting a presence and charisma engages and energizes an organization and its people. Celebrate individual talents and others will respond positively. It isn’t about being stiff and formal. Adding personality and enjoyment will improve productivity, increase creativity, and produce positive results. A team with an engaging spirit brings heart to its projects. A leader who encourages the light to shine brightly will influence team members and earn high respect and loyalty.
Developing Talent
Hiring the right people and allowing them the freedom to exercise creativity in performing their duties provides a great platform to identify new growth opportunities. The successful company will reward intelligent risk-taking and encourage dynamic people to take the initiative. A cohesive team spirit provides people with the incentive to excel—both the employees and the company will reap the rewards.
Leadership Does Not Mean “I’m in Charge!”
It’s important for company leadership to be in touch with the organization. In many organizations, key leadership positions itself in the “ivory tower” and is remote from the front lines. Effective leaders know what’s happening in their companies and have their fingers on the pulse of the organization at all times. Great leaders aren’t afraid to get into the trenches and do what’s expected of them—lead!
Infusing Trust
Core to the soul is a belief in integrity, a resounding commitment to excellence, and demonstrated service before self. With these characteristics in play, individuals can feel accepted and learn to trust both the organization and its leaders. When colleagues are heard and their opinions encouraged, trust ensues. Even when opinions may not be popular, allowing individuals to explain their thought processes can shed new light on a particular development or project that often leads to new opportunities. Trust is the core of a team.

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