Air Force FY 2011 Budget Request

The link leads you to a summary of the Air Force budget request for those interested in where the Air Force is headed. These comments are taken from that document.
The Air Force FY 2011 Budget Request supports the DoD Budget Themes of Taking Care of People, Rebalancing the Force, Reforming how the Department Buys Equipment and Services and Supports the Joint Team. This budget request also supports the QDR Goals: Prevail in Today‘s Wars; Prevent and Deter Conflict; Prepare to Defeat Adversaries and Succeed in a Wide Range of Contingencies; and Preserves and Enhances the All-Volunteer Force. The priorities laid out and funded in this budget request provide a strong foundation to ensure generations of Airmen to come can fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace. Meeting the strategic charge of leadership is addressed by matching resources to capabilities in the FY 2011 Budget Request.
Each dollar in the Air Force is considered a part of Air Force Total Obligation Authority (TOA)–the amount of money the Air Force has the authority to obligate throughout the life of the appropriation. Air Force TOA is viewed in two ―buckets―Blue TOA and Non-Blue TOA–allowing Air Force leadership to distinguish between those resources under direct Air Force management and those managed by other organizations. In accordance with guidance from Congress and administration policy, the Air Force budget includes a separate but simultaneously submitted request for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funding.
The Budget Overview is organized in four sections:
1. Section 1 is a summary of the Air Force baseline budget by appropriation as it is presented to Congress. This section breaks the Air Force FY 2011 Budget Request out into Blue and Non-Blue TOA, and highlights Blue discretionary initiatives. This section does not include OCO.
2. Section 2 summarizes the OCO Budget Request for FY2011 and is organized by major appropriation. Descriptions of the FY 2011 Budget Request reflect requirements to support the needs of Joint Force Commanders with a view of Core Functions impacted by appropriations. OCO includes Blue and Non-Blue TOA.
3. Section 3 is a summary of the Air Force Performance Based Budget organized into the Air Force‘s top five priorities listed in the current strategic plan with a discussion of Core Functions. The Performance Based Budget discusses Air Force performance goals in specific mission areas and progress achieved towards these goals. The totals in this section match with the budget materials provided to Congress for FY 2011. This section includes all TOA.
4. Section 4 highlights the Air Force Working Capital Fund and describes the initiatives within each business activity. The Working Capital Fund includes both planned revenue and expenses required to support Consolidated Sustainment Activity Group, Supply Management Activity Group and Transportation Working Capital Fund activities that meet the logistics demands of the warfighter on a daily basis.The Air Force‘s FY 2011 Budget Request supports a balanced approach to prevail in today‘s operations while investing in new capabilities, force structure, skills and technologies to meet tomorrow‘s challenges. This budget positions the Air Force to execute the priorities laid out in the National Defense Strategy and the QDR to deliver capabilities at the time and place required by Joint Force Commanders. Additionally, the Air Force strengthens the capacity of its partners through outreach across the diverse set of geopolitical and resourcing decisions. This section discusses the Air Force budget highlights by appropriation.
The Air Force mission and priorities come together to support the Joint mission by providing Global Vigilance, Reach and Power across the globe. Those are:
Air Force Mission
o Fly, fight and win…in air, space and cyberspace Leadership Priorities
o Continue to Strengthen the Nuclear Enterprise
o Partner with the Joint and Coalition Team to Win Today‘s Fight o Develop and Care for Airmen and Their Families
o Modernize Our Air and Space Inventories, Organizations and Training
o Recapture Acquisition Excellence
The FY 2011 Budget Request reflects commitment to support the Joint fight and represents a transition from a ―combat forces to a Joint Force enabler investment focus. As stewards of national resources, the Air Force will also continue to examine investments to emphasize diverse capabilities needed to meet an increasingly complex and uncertain environment in support of the Joint Team.

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